CCPA announces new season and fund drive

Still here, going strong since 1973, thanks to you, our loyal supporters! We can never thank you enough, and we ask for your continued support of our 2018 fund drive goal of $10,000. We know from experience that this goal will be needed to fund our season and keep up with the maintenance and operations expense at the historic Fox Playhouse.

We are pleased to announce an exciting new season of plays for 2018-2019. Director Richard Daut returns with the Futrelle sisters’ third hilarious installment in Southern Hospitality, a comedy by Jones, Hope and Wooten, Oct. 11-14. Also, on October 21-22, CCPA again joins the Bushwhacker Museum to put on a Historic Tour of Deepwood Cemetery. December 13-16 will bring you It’s a Wonderful Life – A Live Radio Playadapted by Joe Landry and directed by Jason Fowler.  In spring 2019, we present Males Order Brides – or Big Harry Deal’s Scandalous Scheme, by Billy St. John and directed by Sam Hartman, Feb. 14-17, and Drinking Habits, a comedy by Tom Smith, Apr. 11-14. Our summer children’s musical will be Seussical Jr., June 27-30, directed by Crystal Bridger and Sheila Gunn Peters. Five-event season tickets are available; secure a seat for all the plays!  A five-event ticket costs just $25.  Order yours at CCPA, PO Box 754, Nevada, MO, or add your order and payment with your donation.

Our goal is always to promote the performing arts in our community. The costs of maintaining our home are substantial, and we want to provide a season of community entertainment with multiple events each year. We must focus on upgrading our front of house and provide for more space backstage for actors to move around and for storage of sets and equipment. Your donation is a crucial part of our fund drive goal of $10,000 to keep the historic Fox Playhouse a feature in our community of which we can all be proud. We would also love for you to volunteer with us. If you would like to help in any way (build sets, distribute flyers, sell tickets and concessions), please email us, and a CCPA board member will be in touch.

You may print and complete a donation card and mail your donation to CCPA, P.O. Box 754, Nevada, MO 64772. You can also donate online with our secure PayPal link using your credit card. Your gift will be acknowledged in our program books throughout the season and on our website because you are an important part of keeping the performing arts alive in Nevada and the surrounding community. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Thanks for being our partners! – from the CCPA Board:  Tom, Kim, Amanda, Anne, Gracie, Megan, Jason, Sam, Crystal, Sheila and Tom

P.S.  Order your season tickets now to start our season with Southern Hospitality!

First Production of the Season – Southern Hospitality

PLAY: Southern Hospitality

AUTHORS: Jones, Hope and Wooten

DIRECTOR: Richard Daut

SPONSOR: Tom Hissink, Claire Hooe, Christy Gray & Brandi Todd with Edward Jones

Production Dates: October 11, 12 and 13 at 7:30 pm and October 14 at 2 pm

“THE STORY: The Futrelle Sisters—Frankie, Twink, Honey Raye and Rhonda Lynn—are in trouble again. This time, the problem is bigger than ever: Their beloved hometown, Fayro, Texas, is in danger of disappearing, and it’s up to the sisters to save it from extinction. Ever since the Super SmartMart and the rendering plant closed, folks have been leaving Fayro in droves, but Honey Raye, with a major assist from her former nemesis, Geneva Musgrave, has come up with a possible solution. It seems a salsa manufacturing factory is looking to relocate, and a company representative is headed to Fayro on a scouting mission. Honey Raye, as the president of the Chamber of Commerce, makes promises that are not to be believed in order to woo the rep to choose Fayro. In fact, Honey Raye has told them that on the very weekend of the rep’s visit, the town just happens to be having their biggest celebration of the year: “Fayro Days,” which includes a craft show, a pet costume parade, a beauty pageant and a huge Civil War battle reenactment. So now it’s up to the citizens of Fayro to quickly make her promises a reality. The biggest hurdle to impressing the salsa representative is staging a Civil War battle reenactment with only fifteen participants. Added to this is the dilemma of Twink being so desperate to get married that she’s practically dragging the unwilling groom, Deputy John Curtis Buntner, to the altar. But this pales next to the financial problems the preacher and his wife are having—unless you don’t consider gambling away your mobile home a problem. Frankie, however, seems to have it worst of all, what with her husband, Dub, going through a major midlife crisis at the same time her five-year-old twins are literally tearing up the town. And unfortunately for all of them, the “meanest woman in twelve counties,” Dub’s wicked, old Aunt Iney, is on her way for a visit. Iney’s arrival in Fayro is definitely cause for alarm for the sisters; but it’s nothing compared to their panic when the old girl drops dead in the Dubberly home just before the salsa rep shows up. But how the Futrelle sisters and the other citizens of Fayro, including sweet, simple Raynerd Chisum, pull together and save their town is a testament to Southern strength and ingenuity—and a recipe for total hilarity.

A laugh-out-loud farce and a stand-alone play in its own right, SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY is the third play in the trilogy that begins with Dearly Beloved and continues with Christmas Belles.” –Dramatist Play Services, Inc.

Theater Camp News

CCPA’s first theater camp came to its completion with the July 27 production of Treasure Island.  Congratulations to the staff and the campers for their hard work and talent.  Assistance for this program was provided by the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency.