Announcing a summer melodrama!

CCPA will produce Treachery at Cartilage Creek, a melodrama by Tim Kelly, as an addition to our season this summer. The production is scheduled to be performed July 20-23, 2017, and is co-directed by Sam & Larry DeLaney.  We will honor 2016-2017 season ticket punches that have not been used, so save your season tickets and come to enjoy this funny play.  Treachery at Cartilage Creek will be sponsored by Nevada Regional Medical Center.

Synopsis: Did dinosaurs once roam where now stands the little town of Cartilage Creek? That’s the question that draws our heroic Johnny Onthespot to this Arizona desert hotspot. He takes up residence in the home of Widder Plunkett, the richest woman in town. Love beckons with another boarder, the lovely schoolmarm and Mother Goose enthusiast, Crystal Clear. Alas, the unscrupulous Bogus Rancidview also has his eyes on our heroine. Not only that, but this cad has convinced the Widder she is losing her faculties. Assisted by his partner-in-crime, Virginia Mayonnaise, he fakes a power of attorney and raises water rates so high no rancher can afford to pay. Then Rancidview offers to buy them out at a penny an acre! Will he get away with it? It’s a cascade of hilarious melodramatic action!

Treachery at Cartilage Creek