Romance in D

ROMANCE IN D, written by James Sherman, will be performed April 26, 27 and 28 at 8 pm and April 29 at 2 pm at the Fox Playhouse, 110 S. Main in Nevada.  Tickets are adults $7, seniors $6 and students $5 at the door (cash or checks only please.)

Director: Kathleen Day
Assistant Director: Samantha Hartman
Sponsored by: Dr. Sean and Erika Gravely

ROMANCE IN D takes place in two side-by-side apartments in present-day Chicago. Charles Norton, a musicologist, lives in one apartment alone with his books and music. Isabel Fox, a poet on the verge of a divorce, moves into the other apartment and puts her head in the oven in a half-baked suicide attempt. Charles, next door, smells the gas and inadvertently becomes Isabel’s savior. George Fox, Isabel’s father, comes to town and tries to cheer Isabel up. Helen Norton, Charles’ mother, encourages Charles to get to know Isabel, but Charles refuses to become involved. Isabel makes the effort to befriend Charles, and Charles, try as he may to resist, falls in love. One day, when Charles and Isabel are away, Helen and George meet, and they discover that they have their own similar interests. Will Helen and George fall in love and leave the children to fend for themselves? Will Charles profess his love for Isabel and risk another heartbreak? Will Isabel go back to her husband or put her head back in the oven? All four characters use their knack for music and words as they nervously navigate the path of true love. (Dramatists Play Service)