A Welcome Greeting

Greetings to you, a Supporter of the Community Council on the Performing Arts (CCPA)!

If you are reading this message, you value the contributions of a community performing arts organization. Perhaps you are here for a few moments of diversion, or you are cheering on a family member or friend in a cast or crew, or you know that the arts educate and sustain us in ways that other pursuits do not. Whatever your reason for being physically here in the Fox Playhouse or visiting us virtually online, we welcome you and are grateful for your time and attention.

The CCPA is a rarity—an all-volunteer community arts organization, in existence for over 40 years, with a building in our name! Our ability to survive has been because of generous members of the community who have given of their personal resources–their time, talent, and currency. We depend on these benevolent souls to help us maintain our home and present a performance series. We are so fortunate to have many long-time supporters and new friends. You can read their names in our donor list in your program or on the Donate tab of this website. If you are out on the web, please consider joining our Facebook page and our volunteer page.

Thank you for your support, and for keeping our organization afloat when many others have had to reduce or suspend their activities. The word “community” in our name is purposeful; because it takes the entire community to make the arts happen. We can’t do it without you! So, please, visit us often—this is your home, too.